Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh Conference.

   Every 6 months the church has the blessing and privilege of instructing its members and the world through General Conference, as more appropriate God speaks to us through his leaders.  There are total of 8 plus hours of this televised from Salt Lake City.
      Anyways, growing up I have never really been a big fan of General Conference and still don't enjoy it.  Even on my mission I didn't look forward to it.  Yesterday I even came out to my mom about not enjoying conference and she seemed worried about my spiritual well being over not liking conference.  Conference is not my spiritual forte like it is with others such as my dear mother.  In my opinion, I feel like sometimes Leaders don't go by what God would want them to say and instead the Leaders give a sermon about doing or being a certain way is wrong.  Going on to this Conference, I occasionally listened but was somewhat uninterested.  The only session I really listened to and watched was the priesthood.  I understand that there might be a talk I need spiritually.  Ever since I first came out of the closet, I found it hard to listen to the leaders, due to the fact that they don't know what we as homosexuals deal with.  To be honest I have prayed to God to help me become attracted to females and it never happened, instead I realize I am meant to be this way.  I feel like either the leadership of the church may struggle with this subject, or God may not reveal that homosexuality allowed, or etc...  As of now I need to remain patient and maybe God is testing my humility, I don't know.

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