Sunday, September 9, 2012

Will Things Get Better?

       I always hear and see videos of people who are in my shoes saying, "It gets better".  I wonder does it really get better.  I feel like I am at a spot where I keep going down and not going up on this Roller Coaster of life.  Being a Member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has blessed me and has also hindered me.  Being Gay in the church doesn't seem to corolate.  I try my best to remain obedient and faithful and then also be told I can't be gay.  I have recently felt torn apart by going to church as well as living at home with my family.  I feel so trapt with living at home.  Yeah rent is free, however the price of living at home weighs down on my emotions.  I keep telling myself I should move out and don't.  I just don't see things getting better.

Such is Life


  1. Do things get better? Yes, but you have to do DO something to make that happen. Won't be easy. Probably won't be instantaneous either. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort. But the great thing about life in America, is that to a very large extent, we have the ability to control what our life will look like. We can choose where we live, what kind of job we have, and who our friends are, all things that for a large percentage of the world's population are not at all possible.

  2. When I went on my mission I thought it would all be a postive upward journey. It was not, but in the end there was more good than bad. When I finished college and went to work I thought it would all be an upward swing, but it was not. That is how I see being gay. Some days it gets better, and some days it gets worse. I had to resign from the church, though, before things started getting better. Best wishes to you on what ever you decide to do.